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Has your property been used to manufacture or ingest methamphetamine? Our professionally trained cleaners can test your property to identify and safely remove any toxic residue found.

Meth Decontamination Cleaning

Clandestine meth lab remediation

According to a 2017 study complied by 41 international institutions, Adelaide recorded the highest level of meth use among 120 cities tested across 37 countries – (University of South Australia – Mapping International Drug Use Through the World’s Largest Wastewater Study). And almost 65% of clandestine meth labs are found in private rental properties or public housing – (SA Health – Clandestine Drug Laboratories in SA, Summary of Findings 2019).

The chemicals used in the manufacture of meth and residue from ice smoke is incredibly toxic. Short-term exposure may trigger symptoms such as persistent coughs, tightness in the chest, eye irritation, headaches and nausea, while long-term exposure can cause vomiting, skin rashes, insomnia, even adverse cardiac effects.

If you suspect your property, or a property you manage, has been used to manufacture or consume methampehtamine, it is critical you do not attempt to clean it yourself. Contamination of this nature requires meth lab remediation by specialist cleaners who are correctly trained and qualified in this field.

The cleaning crew at Lillium Cleaning Service have undergone world-leading training and certification in how to test and clean meth residue from a clandestine meth lab, ensuring your property is safe for reoccupation.

What are the tell-tale signs of a meth house?

How do you know if your property has been used as a clandestine meth lab? These are some of the things to look out for:

  • discolouration of ventilation fans
  • staining around sinks or drains

What happens next?

If you believe your house is, or has been, an active meth lab, you should immediately alert the police.

But what if the property is vacant, or there is no direct evidence of meth manufacture or use? If you are worried about meth contamination in your house, we can provide fast and discreet testing and decontamination services.

Preliminary Testing & Site Analysis

Using highly a sensitive meth testing kit, we will take samples from various locations inside and outside the home. If the property tests positive for meth contamination, the next step is remediation.

Remediation Action Plan

Your meth cleaning and remediation plan will be based on the location and strength of the contamination found and approved by the qualified Environmental Hygienist we work with for remediation projects. We use industrial-grade cleaning products specifically designed for this task, and safely remove and dispose of contaminated materials, including soft furnishings, porous surfaces, chemicals, and soil, to an approved waste management facility.

Remediation Assessment

Once the site has been cleaned and contaminated materials removed, we have the property assessed by a qualified expert to ensure it complies with the South Australian Public Health Act 2011 and National Clandestine Drug Laboratory Remediation Guidelines.

Post Remediation Validation Report

At the completion of the remediation process, we will issue a Post Remediation Validation Report. This documentation may be critical for your council, bank, insurance agency or other organisation that may require confirmation the property has been cleaned to comply with Australian standards and is fit for habitation.

Further information and resources about meth lab cleaning and decontamination

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