Forensic, biohazard and crime scene cleaners Adelaide

Cleaning after a death can be physically and emotionally harmful. Our trauma cleaners handle this most challenging task with compassion and professionalism.

Forensic & Trauma Cleaning

Crime scene and forensic cleaning services

Dealing with a violent, criminal act resulting in loss of life is a horrendous ordeal for the families and friends of the deceased. Sadly, it is often left to them to arrange the crime scene clean up. Not only does this compound the emotional trauma to the deceased’s loved ones, there are potentially dangerous pathogens that must be safely removed and disposed of.

Our experienced forensic cleaning team prevent the grieving being further traumatised from having to clean the crime scene themselves. Using compassion and discretion, we step in to remove that burden, making sure all physical traces of the aftermath are safely removed.

Once the premises have been professionally cleaned, we provide receipts to verify the scene is safe and has been cleaned according to the correct procedures.

Biohazard and trauma cleaning services

In addition to crime scene cleaning, trauma cleaning covers any incident where loss of life may have occurred and created a biohazard.

In circumstances where a death has been violent or undiscovered for some time, it is necessary to have the premises cleaned by specialist trauma cleaning services. Bodily fluids, particularly blood, can carry contagious diseases such as Hepatitis, HIV and other pathogens. The longer a site is left uncleaned and unattended, the higher the risk pathogens pose to anyone in their vicinity through inhalation, absorption or indirect ingestion.

Regular household cleaning products are not sufficient to tackle trauma cleaning jobs. Even if the scene looks clean, pathogens can often remain. These require the right industrial-grade products and expertise to ensure their complete removal.

Our trauma cleaners adhere to strict protocols to reduce the risk of exposure and spread of infection. Materials directly affected by bodily fluids are safely contained and transported to an appropriate waste management facility for incineration. All remaining surfaces are thoroughly disinfected and deodorised using specialist cleaning products and equipment. Certification is presented on completion to confirm all materials have been disposed of in accordance with best practice and legal requirements.

Further information and resources about trauma cleaning and biohazards

Let Lillium’s biohazard and forensic cleaning services remove the trauma and risk from your hands.

Our trauma cleaners are equipped with the right equipment and training to clean and dispose of all affected materials, returning the premises to a safe and habitable condition.