Professional squalor and hoarder cleaning services Adelaide

Years of hoarding can create unsanitary, even dangerous living conditions. Our hoarder clean-up service removes health hazards and restores hygienic living.

Hoarder Squalor Cleaning

Hoarder cleaning services

Compulsive hoarding is a complex issue that makes it difficult for sufferers to throw away any possession – even things other people might consider junk or rubbish. Hoarding is a recognised mental health disorder and severe hoarding can be overwhelming. Lillium’s professional hoarder cleaning services tackle the jobs that seem too large, too dirty or too difficult for family members or housing providers to deal with.

In hoarder homes the accumulation of possessions, including animals, may make regular cleaning impossible. Mildew, mould, dirt, bacteria, animal faeces and other contaminants can build up, creating dangerous pathogens and unpleasant odours.

Severe hoarding can create associated risks to inhabitants, neighbours or visitors to the home. Lillium Cleaning Service provides professional cleaning services for hoarders, or councils and public trustees who may be dealing with hoarders. We use discretion and sensitivity, negotiating with family, support workers and the resident of the home to decide:

Once the house has been cleared of unnecessary clutter and rubbish, we systematically clean and sterilise to remove mould, mildew and other pathogens to return the premises to a safe, sanitary condition.

Squalor Cleaning

Squalor cleaning services

Squalor is a level of mess and filth that represents genuine risk to health and safety. However, not all hoarder homes are squalid. Squalor may be the outcome of neglect, deliberate sabotage by tenants or squatters, even the housing or slaughter of animals inside the home.

Our professional cleaning services safely remove and dispose of any biohazardous material, such as human or animal bodily waste, blood, sewage, rotting food and any other decaying or decomposing substances. We use specialist sanitation equipment to thoroughly sterilise and decontaminate the property to make it a safe space to occupy.

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Deceased estate cleaning services

We provide deceased estate cleaning services to families of recently deceased, as well as councils and housing trusts where family members may not be available to sort through the deceased’s possessions.

There are many reasons family members may seek our help to clear a deceased estate. They may lack the time, physical ability or emotional strength to deal with the task. They may be too far away. Or the deceased may have accumulated too many possessions over a lifetime and their loved ones simply don’t know where or how to start. Whatever the circumstances, we can help reduce this additional burden during an already difficult time.

We are also trained and equipped to provide biohazard, forensic and trauma cleaning services in the event of an unattended or traumatic death.

We are a registered
NDIS cleaning service provider

Lillium Cleaning is an NDIS-approved provider, which means we can offer our cleaning services to plan-managed and self-managed participants of the National Disability Insurance Scheme. We understand that specialised cleaning services can present a unique challenge for individuals with disabilities, which is why we offer affordable, professional and customised cleaning services to meet a wide range of needs.

Our cleaners are DCSI checked, criminal background checked, sensitive and discreet. Lillium Cleaning is here to help you, or your loved one live a safe, clean and clutter-free life.

Tackle hoarding and squalor with our NDIS cleaning services

Our hoarder cleaning service is specifically designed to meet the needs of people with disabilities who may struggle with compulsive hoarding tendencies. Our professional cleaners are trained to work sensitively and discreetly to minimise discomfort or distress. We use our own supplies and equipment, ensuring that our services are convenient and hassle-free. For NDIS cleaning services that you can trust, call Lillium Cleaning today.

We provide professional squalor and hoarder cleaning services to tackle the jobs others walk away from.

Whether you provide housing, are concerned about the home of a family member, or need help to clear a deceased estate in any condition, the team at Lillium will provide discreet, compassionate and timely assistance.